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101 Pre Baptism Classes

 These first classes are for New Believers who want to be baptized.  We hope that these classes give you a basic overview of what we believe at Living Waters.  Our church believes that Jesus Christ is our foundational block.  From there we build on The Word, Prayer, Holiness, and the Holy Spirit.  The six classes you can watch will cover the next set of building blocks - Repentance, Faith, Baptism, Impartation, Resurrection and Judgement. 

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201 Membership

 The second class in this series covers Worship (Surrendering Your Life For God’s Pleasure), Fellowship (Connecting with God’s Family), Evangelism (Sharing Your Life Every Day), Discipleship (Growing To Be Like Christ), and Ministry (Developing To Service Others). This class is 6 weeks long and leads to formal Membership of Living Waters.

The 201 Membership class videos (covering our purposes of Worship, Evangelism, Education, Ministry and Fellowship) are temporarily unavailable to view on our website.  We highly encourage you to call the church office at 714.963.8131 to find out when these classes will be presented on our campus.  We want to encourage you to take these sessions in a classroom style setting, over a 6-week time frame, so you will feel connected to others, participate with questions and answers, and to hear firsthand the latest updates about the church.


301 Leadership - Small Group Training

 Take this last class with the recommendation of your Small Group leader. You will cover Mentoring a Relationship to Others, Mentoring a Relationship to God, Mentoring a Relationship to Service, and Mentoring a Relationship to Ministry. There is a final class of questions and answers with Pastor Dan. This class is 6 weeks long and leads to becoming a Small Group leader.

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